Youth Leadership Conference

On Wednesday 10th March, the College Leaders were granted the opportunity to attend the Youth Leadership Academy Australia’s Secondary Youth Leadership Conference. Held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, the event focussed on empowering young leaders across South-East Queensland to realise their potential to influence change in both our own lives, and the lives of those around us. 

The action-packed day began with the opportunity to contribute to a community definition of ‘Leadership’. All 500 students in attendance were given a sticky note upon which we wrote our definition of the powerful word, and stuck it on a ‘Leadership Wall’. It was exciting to know these sticky notes would be compiled by the organizers in order to create a definition of leadership by youth and for youth, and many attendees particularly enjoyed the opportunity it provided to engage in a challenge to discover who could stick their note the highest up the wall!

As the day progressed, we heard from three extraordinary speakers who inspired the participants due to their dedication, entrepreneurship and resilience. We also listened to a panel of motivating speakers who we had the opportunity to ask questions to both in front of the group, and individually during breaks. The wonderful speakers were definitely the highlight of the conference for our College Leaders!

Furthermore, over the course of the day, participants were encouraged to network and befriend students from other schools, heightening everyone’s understanding of the importance of collaboration, as opposed to competition. We also engaged in a workshop session where we worked with students from other schools to brainstorm solutions to common issues faced
within school communities, further epitomising the value of working together and sharing ideas.

Overall, the conference inspired and empowered participants to be ambitious and never underestimate themselves, something
particularly pertinent for the College Leaders as we embark on our journeys to enact change throughout A.B. Paterson College. We are very grateful for the opportunity to attend the conference, and we look forward to using what we learnt to make a positive difference in the lives of our community members. 

Jodie Down
College Captain