Year 5 HaSS: Fire and Flood

Year 5 have been exploring ‘Connections to Land’ in their HaSS unit this term and looking at the use of technology to communicate ideas and information as part of their Design and Digital Technologies curriculum. They were tasked with presenting information about either bushfires or floods in the form of a poster. They had to conduct research and present their findings to show that they understood what these events were, how they impacted the environment and how that impact could be managed. In order to add complexity and depth of understanding to the topic they were also asked to identify how we could learn from the land management techniques of the First Australians. 

To successfully communicate this information in an engaging way, students were set free with coloured card, stencils, glue and scissors. Then they were asked to add interactive and digital elements. Well-formatted texts and pictures, eye catching designs and the now ubiquitous QR code came into play. Students created links that enabled their audiences to listen to a soundtrack whilst looking at the poster, test their knowledge in a quiz or watch a video explaining the topic further. 

Seeing the students complete their projects with such enthusiasm and engagement was a great teaching moment for the whole Year 5 team and the final results were quite amazing. Students were able to show off and explain their posters at a Gallery Walk on Friday of Week 9. They were extremely excited to talk to Ms Sheehy, Mr Edgar, both the Lilly Pilly Learning Centre and The Homestead Library teams, their Year 4 teachers and a slew of high school teachers who came to the event. 

The Year 5 team would like to thank staff for their support and allowing the students to show how proud they were of their work. 

Year 5 Teachers
Genevieve Whittington, Caitlyn Sterry, Dean West, Georgina Burrows