Year 1 Coding

In Technology this term, Year 1 students have enjoyed exploring the wonderful world of ICT and coding through the use of the Scratch Junior platform to program their own interactive stories. Their ICT skills and story writing strategies have flourished this term through the opportunity to create and move digital characters, design and change backdrops and add sound effects to their digital creations.

This digital technology unit links to Year 1’s English learning where students are exploring the narrative text type, its language and features.  Students created suitable characters and settings to tell an imaginative story using Scratch Junior through showcasing their ICT skills. The use of directional language and symbols formed another important component of the students’ understanding. They needed to use their knowledge of direction to add code to their characters, enabling the digital characters to move and change in accordance with their story ideas.

Students learn important problem solving skills as part of the coding process. Year 1 enjoyed designing and drawing their own characters and choosing from a selection of characters to embed into their scene. A suitable background was selected or created to use and features of the background could be coded to show ongoing movement, such as a busy city scene backdrop with cars travelling back and forth. From here, students added their main character and supporting characters to their story scene and added sound and speech bubbles as an extension feature.

The opportunities for creativity and collaboration using ICT as a platform are endless and Year 1 students continue to engage in these valuable digital technology sessions with effort and enthusiasm!