Welcoming our Visitors from Winton

This week we were fortunate to receive a visit from two members of the Whitehead family, Phillipa and Jessica of Mentone Station.

During the College’s flood relief fencing effort, in Winton last year, we formed relationships with many of the graziers in the region. Mentone Station and the Whiteheads were a College favourite and it was tremendous to have them tour the College, reuniting with our Year 12s who travelled to Winton last year.

Spending time with Phillipa and Jess was a great way for the students to reconnect with their memories of the trip and of Western Queensland, reminding them of the generous hospitality we enjoyed during our brief visit.

Mentone Station is a large cattle property an hour north-east of Winton. During the flood they lost majority of their cattle and a lot of their fences. The past 12 months has brought more stable weather conditions, but they have not received enough rain and are still doing it pretty tough. To see their bright smiles, resilience and generosity is something to aspire to and a great way to give our students greater perspective of life in regional Queensland.

Travis Templar
Winton Flood Relief Organiser & Maths Tea