Senior Induction 2021

Congratulations to our Senior Class of 2021 who have now been formally inducted as leaders of the College at the Senior Induction Ceremony that took place on Friday 29 January in the DMPC. It was wonderful for our entire College to witness our Year 12 students accepting their Senior badges from Board Chair, Mr David Tanner, Chief Executive Officer Mr Brian Grimes and Principal and Head of College Ms Joanne Sheehy, and a very proud moment for each individual student as they crossed the stage. This important event in our calendar signifies the transition of our Year 12 cohort into their final year at the College and formally acknowledges them as leaders of our student body.

After our College Captain, Jodie Down, led her peers in the Senior Pledge, each student received their badge and signed the Senior Register. This register is the same one that all Year 12 students have signed at their Senior Induction Ceremony since the College’s inception in 1991 and represents each student’s acknowledgement of the duties and responsibilities they agree to undertake as a member of the Senior cohort. 

The Year 12 students and College community were captivated by the wonderful singing of the Boys’ Chorus. Their performance of Keep the Flame Alive was delightful and beautifully conducted by Nadia MacKenzie, accompanied by Inge Lass. 

In her College Captain’s address, Jodie Down announced the Year 12 quote from The Lion King: 

‘It’s important to always look where you’re headed rather than where you were.’

This is a clear message that the Class of 2021 are looking forward, and that potential challenges will not deter or diminish them from achieving their goals as individuals and as leaders. Jodie further explained that whilst everyone is extremely valuable and important as individuals, ‘we believe that when we are united and work together, we are even more powerful’. As a result of this, the Class of 2021’s vision is to create a community with strong relationships between all of its members, irrespective of age, thus fostering an environment where collaboration, camaraderie and creativity can flourish. We call this vision, A.B. As One.

In response, Year 11 student, Charles Morris, offered words of encouragement and support and how the interactions that each and every Senior has with younger students has a profound impact, all contributing to the legacy they leave as a cohort. Year 6 student, Sophia O’Brien, spoke of the close relationship that Seniors build with the Junior School and encouraged the newly inducted Seniors to take charge of the legacy they leave behind and embrace the opportunity for leadership this year.

The Year 12 cohort entered the DMPC on this morning as students of the College, and as they exited through the centre aisle, they left the DMPC as inducted Seniors of A.B. Paterson College. On behalf of the entire College community, we wish our newly inducted Seniors the very best on their journey this year.