Outback Adventure

Our Year 6 cohort may have been bleary eyed as their alarms buzzed in the early hours of Wednesday morning, but by the time our intrepid adventurers had arrived on campus to greet their friends and teachers and climb aboard the buses, the excitement was palpable!

The long-awaited day had finally come - Winton Tour 2021!

Excitement was mixed with nerves for some – but that was mainly among parents, who will anxiously await the return of our campers next week.

The best part of an entire day spent on a bus will test the resilience of even the most seasoned travellers, but our staff and parent volunteers report that our students were beautifully behaved and coped well with the distance. They arrived in high spirits, and ready for the challenge of setting up camp in Charleville Showgrounds.

Fears of camp bed disasters were unfounded as the students expertly assembled their cots and settled in for a good night’s rest, as Charleville turned on a warm night.

The following days were filled with exploration – Charleville Cosmos Observatory, the Bilby Experience, the Royal Flying Doctors’ Service just to name a few of the fascinating places visited.

We cannot wait to hear more from our happy campers when they return with stories and lifelong memories from their outback experience of a lifetime!

Safe and happy travels!