News from Year 6 Students

Student Leadership and Prep Buddies

We, as Year 6 students have many responsibilities. We help with lunch duties and equipment, in the Lilly Pilly Library, put up and take down the school flags, do recycling for the school and we play games with younger students on the Village Green. But the highlight for most of us is making connections with our Prep Buddies. Calvin Liu

Spending time with our Prep buddies is great, unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions, we have only been able to visit them twice this year. Last time we visited them we made a ‘Get to Know You’ poster. We traced around our hands and wrote five of our favourite things onto the fingers and then decorated our posters. This helped us to identify things we have in common with our buddies and we learned a lot about each other by doing so. Lucy Niebling

HaSS Migrant Showcase

For HaSS this term, we are investigating our past and our own migration stories. Although we all think of ourselves as Australians and, unless we are a First Nations person, we are ultimately all migrants or refugees who came to Australia for a variety of reasons. We spent time discovering migrant stories to understand why Australia is a multicultural melting pot of people from all over the world.

For our Migrant Showcase, I was Freya Grace Fullerton. I discovered that my family is from Northern Ireland. I was born in 1813 on 27 April. I left Ireland because my husband, James, stole a bread cart and a horse to feed his family. The soldiers arrested him, and we all were forced onto the Third Fleet sailing for Australia. It was called the Albemarle. Casey Fullerton

Art and Technology

In Art, last term, we learned about the Elements of Art and how to include them in our work. We experimented with each element and then used them in our designs. Our designs were based on our names and each letter needed to demonstrate our understanding of the elements of Art.

In Technology, we worked on our coding skills to create Scratch animations using our Art names. It was tricky to use the Elements of Art as well as coding to make the Scratch components. For Technology this term, we are learning to create Podcasts using the RODE Podcasting equipment. In workshops with Ms Claydon, we have been learning how to present information using digital literacies. We are going to create podcasts to listen to on the bus during our Outback Safari to Winton.

Science in Year 6

We are currently learning about the Earth and its structure in Science this term. Did you know that the Earth used to have just one giant land mass called Pangea? Did you know that the land we are standing on is moving about one centimetre per year? The reason the Earth moves is due to the shifting of tectonic plates – these are like puzzle pieces that move slowly because of the pressure deep down under the Earth’s surface. These changes and movements on the surface of the Earth and in the atmosphere cause a variety of natural phenomenon, or Natural Disasters. Tectonic plates moving together cause earthquakes, volcanos and even tsunamis. We are learning about how natural disasters are caused, where and why they happen and then for our STEAM unit we are working on a design to lessen the impact of these disasters to keep us safe.

In Year 6, we are lucky enough to visit the Senior Science Labs to conduct experiments for our Science Units. Last term, we were learning about reversible and irreversible changes in States of Matter. Dr Thomas inspired us with his scientific ‘magic’, and it was great to learn how to be safe in the lab in preparation for Senior School.  Zainab Junaid

Character Builder

In Week 2 of this term, the Year 6 students had a Character Builders incursion. We participated in three activities throughout the day. The first activity involved a scavenger hunt around the school. We had to take photos of different objects and even emotions. We then completed a series of riddles. We also participated in a communication circle, where two circles face each other and rotate around. This allowed us to talk to different people in the circle. Finally, we gave each other ‘Big-ups!’, which are compliments about kind things other people have done and character strengths they have shown.

As you can tell, life in Year 6 is a busy balancing act where we work hard and support others to work well. We are eagerly awaiting our Outback Safari and are looking forward to sharing our experiences when we get back.

Year 6 Students