News from the Languages Faculty

Wash your hands, save a life!

As Term 2 draws to a close it so important to stop and reflect on the term that was. Our versatility, along with our resilience, has been stretched to the core. We have accomplished the unimaginable over the past few months, together. Though initially apart, we were all intricately connected and have seemingly returned to the College with a heightened inner strength, hope and appreciation of those around us.

Amongst a myriad of shared experiences, our Year 12 Japanese students recently reconnected with our youngest College members to share their joy of learning a second language together and teach our College community a very important lesson – to continue to wash our hands over the holiday period.

During a global pandemic, one of the cheapest, easiest, and most important ways to prevent the spread of a virus is to wash our hands frequently with soap and water. So please remember everyone to wash, wash, wash, goshi, goshi, goshi!

Watch the wash, wash, goshi, goshi video:

Wishing you all a safe and a Happy Holiday!

Barriga Sensei

“It was great to connect with the younger students as we haven’t been able to interact with them over the past few months. It is amazing to see students that young practicing their Japanese!” – Adeeba Hossain

“Even with the current situation, we were still able to interact with the younger generation, joining together to educate others to stay safe while continuing our language journey and uniting those who have just begun it.” – Chloe Lim

 “Learning the choreography was certainly a challenge but we are all rather theatrical and with Barriga Sensei’s guidance, we took it all in our stride.” – Sascha Lawton

Best Role-Play Contest

Our Year 7 Spanish students participated in the Languages Faculty annual Best Role-Play Contest in which they demonstrated their Spanish-speaking skills in a variety of situations as if they were in a Spanish-speaking country.

They created their own scenarios and devised role-plays based on the language learnt in the classroom. Students were then treated to an Oscars-style experience in which prizes were awarded based on the level of difficulty and accuracy of Spanish skills utilised.

Students were also encouraged to tap into their creative minds and explore their acting skills in the process, with marks awarded for creativity, use of props and overall wow factor!

La Profesora Barriga, La Profesora Lindeberg and La Profesora Valade, found it hard to choose a winner, and couldn't be prouder of everyone for what they have achieved in a term like no other!

Michelle Barriga - Assistant Head of Languages