From the Year 2 Classrooms

Snap, crackle and pop! Mixing and measuring has been the focus for science this term. The students have enjoyed experimenting and morphing into master chefs, mad scientists and doctors when investigating how materials can be combined. They added cornflour to water to create oobleck (slime). Lava lamps erupted from oil, food colouring, detergent and alka seltzers. Copha was melted and mixed into cocoa and rice bubbles to create delicious chocolate crackles which the students thoroughly enjoyed.  

Our experiments generated scientific vocabulary with words like combined, dissolved, emulsion and separate. This was also an opportunity to revise our procedural text as we used it for experiments and cooking. Does this sound like a great term, or what?

The Grade 2 classrooms have also come alive this term with walls of art filled with gumnut babies and native Australian fauna. Throughout our history unit we have been researching May Gibbs and the children are now experts on everything involving Snugglepot and Cuddlepie. Who knew that a story famous among grandparents was still a crowd favourite now?  The classroom soon became a hub of technology when the children began to transfer their knowledge onto fabulous PowerPoint presentations.   

Luke – 2R “We mixed rice bubbles, cocoa, icing sugar and coconut together and then added melted copha to make chocolate crackles.  They were delicious.”

Adelynn – 2R “We used a plastic bottle and we added oil and water with some food dye and glitter.  We put in an aspirin and watched the oil and water bubble to make our lava lamp.  It was great fun.”

Isobelle – 2S “We made chocolate crackles for a science experiment on mixtures. Scientist don’t always use chemicals sometimes they use food. It was a yummy experiment.”

Alyssa – 2S “The chocolate rice crackle is a science experiment because we have been learning about mixtures and to make the crackles you have to make a mixture. I learned that a solid could turn into a liquid and then back into a solid. That was the copha.”

Arthur – 2B “We made oobleck (slime) out of cornflour, water and food colouring.  It felt soft when I touched it, but when I punched it, it was hard.”

Benjamin – 2B “The oobleck felt really weird because when we mixed the cornflour and water it was gooey.  When I was stirring it, it was hard but when I put my hand in the bowl it sank. It was so much fun.”

Sean – 2M “I liked how when we put the tablet into the water bubbles started to come out of the bottle. They evaporated and went down. It was fun!”

Abigail – 2M “When we shook it some of the coloured water and glitter went into the oil. I really liked the activity” 

Yum - 2M “I learned about chemical reactions and mixtures. I liked how the food colouring changed the water. The water had changed, and it could no longer be separated from the food colouring. The activity was fun!”

Lucy Littlely
Learning Assistant - Junior School