From the Principal's Desk

With almost half of 2020 complete, we could not let Founders’ Day pass without acknowledgment. 

Our Founders’ Day assembly is normally a time when we pause to reflect on the many achievements of our College during the past year and look forward to the wonderful possibilities on our horizon. While the Founders’ Day assembly would traditionally have afforded us this opportunity, we took a moment this week to recognise those College staff who have served our College for many years.  To view the article on Staff Years of Service Recognition click here.

On behalf of our entire College staff and wider College community, I would like to pass our sincerest thanks to these staff members for their service and continued commitment to our wonderful College.

As we quickly progress towards the close of Term 2, I reflect on our shared experiences of COVID-19 where it forced us, on a global scale, to take stock, as we realise that no matter what, none of us are immune and none of us can truly control what goes on around us… and yet, no matter how big or small the change, or how ‘global’ the upheaval, the only environment we ever truly have control over is our internal one. 

I am reminded that people are disturbed not by things but rather by the views which they take of them. It is often our response to circumstances that determines our experience of them; in the midst of strong emotions, unprecedented change, and serious challenge, it is easy to lose sight of this notion.   

In times of such change, practicing a growth mindset and flexibility needs a degree of presence and mindfulness, where we are purposeful in our responses – to intentionally pay attention to our experience, to simply notice it, without rushing in to judge or change it. Learning how to still busy minds is something we practice with our students, often using stimulus in our Student Planners to reinforce these skills.     

With the mid-semester holidays approaching, it is an important time to take a moment to reflect on the first half of our year, and to purposefully take an action that improves our outlook and mindset in preparation for returning to the College in Term 3. This is often likened to the metaphor of filling your cup. When we spend each day pouring our energy and attention into any number of different parts of life, we need to find ways to replenish what we have given out, so that we don’t run dry. Given the year we have all had; parents, teachers and also our students, we need to ensure we prioritise tuning in to and taking care of ourselves over this next break.

As we complete the final week of Term 2, 2020, I would like to remind our students, our staff who deserve every moment of their holiday break, and all of our families to embrace some time to do something meaningful for yourselves. Acts of kindness and compassion are always within our control. They connect us to each other as shared human experiences, they assist us to focus on gratitude and they reframe our thinking to ensure we focus on the positive, rather than be dragged into the ‘doom and gloom’ the world entices us to believe. 

With that in mind, have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you back at the College Monday! 

Joanne Sheehy - Principal/Head of College