Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Practice Camp

Last weekend, 25 Year 8 and 9 students took part in a practice Bronze Duke of Edinburgh camp. The practical aspects of the two day camp was to learn about map reading and navigation, safe bush walking skills, planning meals and cooking for themselves and their peers. They were accompanied by teachers Andrew Sole and Miss Foster, Mrs Beh and Senior pupil, Matthew Hickey.

The focus of the camp was for students to develop both leadership and teamwork skills in a challenging environment whilst having fun. The Duke of Edinburgh program builds resilience and independent thinking in young people as part of its core philosophy.

Students took part in two days of walking and one night of camping. Due to the storms prevalent in the area over the weekend, walking destinations were local to the Gold Coast.  On Friday they walked within the environs of Coombabah Lakelands Conservation Area and were amazed at the rich variety of wildlife so close to a busy urban setting.

On Saturday, students explored a completely different bush walking setting.  The Burleigh Heads National Park offered spectacular
views of Surfers Paradise to the north and the Northern New South Wales Coast to the south. A popular destination for many locals, students had to dodge numerous joggers and mums running with their prams!  A thank you to both Jasmine Lange, Head of Maths and Matthew Hickey for their support and making the trip to Burleigh a  meaningful and worthwhile event for all concerned.

Andrew Sole
Head of Outdoor Education